Saturday, 7 January 2012


Too many times I think about adding to this blog - then the world gets in the way....! I realise that however much I think I've accomplished I am still a WIP - Work In Progress!

This first month of a new year, I've decided I need to spend more time 'listening to' than 'talking at' God; more time sitting at His feet rather than watching what others are doing; being less preoccupied with deciding where I 'fit' and just taking each day as it comes - wherever He chooses to take me.

With the upheaval of our church building being revamped, the congregations are meeting in temporary accommodation. Together with our small weekly group changing and some members moving into different ministries (it actually feels like we've been ripped apart!) it all leads me to feel very much out of the loop. I often feel like I'm on the outside looking in, towards people who seem to have everything mapped out and know exactly what they're doing and what their purpose is - alas, not me!

I STILL am not sure what He has in mind for me - nothing really seems to spring to mind, and perhaps that's just as well because in the last six months or so my life has not really been my own, anyway!

My daughter has had to have a number of eye operations after suffering a detached retina - her 'independent' living has meant me virtually running two homes, as I tend to her chores and help look after her cat as well as being chauffeur and general cheerleader in times of low spirits.

My son has been laid off from work and had to return home (along with all his furniture :-/) so I'm trying to keep up his spirits, too, in these financially-challenged times, whilst endeavouring not to sound like I'm nagging as he plugs away trying to get back into work.

What a good job I 'retired' last year, or who else would have been available to be the back-stop for all this?!

So, I face a new year with many hopes and dreams, not to say a few fears, but also thinking how good to remember that in a world of constant change, God is unchangingly constant! And I cling to that and all His promises......and perhaps the passions and gifts I believe He has blessed me with will one day dovetail into exactly what HE has in mind!

And this just about sums it all up - I liked the original version but the Skit Guys have re-mastered their "God's Chisel" sketch and now it hits the mark even more: